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第一篇: 中国的英语演讲稿三分钟

    I love China! each time I see the national flag, sees the party flag, I am out of control hot tears filling the eyes. in today, various trades and occupations" working people"s close unity around the Central Party Committee, diligent, has made the huge progress. although before has not developed, has missed some development opportunity, but since the reform and open policy, China"s achievement has attracted worldwide attention.

  we the country progresses in winding, in difficulty enterprising. Although has had many mistakes, but after each time mistake, we may see that the central committee has the firm determination to complete the matter. did from the east to the west, except the individual extreme destitute place, where not have the earth-shaking change! The regional common people had their land, this is wants not to dare in the pre-liberation to think. The farmer farms enthusiastic extreme high. Specially countryside middle-aged person and old person.

  They may under the village cadre"s initiative, attempt unceasingly, plant each industrial crop, the crop are good. The young people may exit hiring out for working, goes north or goes south, one month may also make several hundred dollars. In transferor"s child goes to the elementary school and the middle school sufficiently. And in future several years, will cancel the agricultural tax, farmer"s burden will not have, compares old society"s oppressive taxes, present"s day is much better.

  the working class also managed a household has taken responsibility, they might choose the human who from the candidate oneself most trusted to lead their enterprise. In state enterprise reform"s tide, the worker who comes off sentry duty temporarily mostly can obtain the suitable subsidy, safeguards their life. The party and the country cares about all people.

  The reform labor pain will always have. Must believe the future. These public servants are devoted to the public, is the people wholeheartedly. Many cadre have many year work experiences, because specialized, therefore remarkable, their leadership is outstanding. Is leading the people, makes one"s own way together. the social convention is good, the judicature is fair, the inspector general is efficient, the evil persons and evil deeds always may to prompt solution. the society"s swift development, has everywhere demonstrated the socialism superiority.

  Although capitalism and so on US are more developed, but the British France Germany and so on is develops through plundering, the US is also through makes the war wealth to send. But we, are develop depending on our nation working people"s perspiration and the blood! We believed that one day, we will surpass them. Demonstrates the socialism to the world people the superiority. what reason does have not to refuel does? What reason has not to have the confidence? lets us unite together in Central Party Committee"s periphery, to realize Chinese nation"s great rejuvenation to struggle!

第二篇: 中国的英语演讲稿三分钟

  Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen, today my topic is “My Dream,Chinese Dream”。

  Dream, is a beacon of your life; dream, is your better vision; dream, is you ideal wings; and having dreams, you will have a future.

  “Now, everybody was discussing the Chinese dream, I think, realizing the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, is the greatest dream of the Chinese nation since the modern time.the words are claimed by Xi Jinping. This is the general secretary of Xi jinping ?s Chinese dream. But as a contemporary college students, what is our Chinese dream?s Chinese dream. But as a contemporary college students, what is our Chinese dream? Can we dare to dream?

  The answer is yes. We college students have no dare not dream, we not only need to bravely dream, but also hard to dream! As we all know, the highest honor of the nursing field is get the Nightingale prize.

  And I, a new era of college students, I am proud of my dream, proud of our motherland. When the dream into reality, in a era which let the youth realizing their ideal, I believe my dream will be realizing in the near future!

  Finally, I would like to inviting all of yours, please stretch out your hands, let us applause to achieve the dream of tomorrow!

  That"s all. Thank you.

第三篇: 中国的英语演讲稿三分钟

  Hello, everyone. Today you grateful?! There are many kinds of Thanksgiving, for example, as I was in the song sings, we must be grateful parents, parents gave us life, education of our talent, so that today we are happy to work, happy life -- and it is the happy life, help me, to today"s topic --" Happy Thanksgiving"。

  Lamb kneeling milk love, crow regurgitation-feeding affection, always haunt me, cry, I think. As a new generation, we still need to advocate Thanksgiving, Thanksgiving has given us life and moral cultivation, health attitude, ahead of the happy life. Inspired by this, I again see: winter night for my mother in the sewing, the 1000 hand-million lines woven I give, tears of excitement moment by condensation, I just want to love a sound: Mom, you worked hard!

  So grateful people would complain, he will live happily forever in love shining sunshine! In the face of the darkness, he will march forward courageously; in face of failure, he will Yuecuoyueyong -- because he firmly believe that: as long as the sun, the shadows behind him; because he knew: there is no sunlight, no direction, no parents, no our wonderful life; no company, we will not work happy; no gratitude, the world will become cold and no longer cute 。

  In fact, life is a mirror, you laugh it also laugh, you cry it is also crying. You are grateful to life, your life will be given to the sun; you blindly blame everyone and everything but not oneself, the result can only be all wasted! Often with a heart of gratitude, can purify our hearts, to enhance our mind, to shape our character, to do a" advance despite difficulties, optimistic and hard work" happy tumbler; in this way, you can do: the encounter of love setbacks, do not give up; meet the frustrations of life, don"t worry; meet work hardship, not afraid 。

  In our heart a kind of Thanksgiving mind, let the world be full of love flowers! Thanksgiving so that we sincerely facing life, enthusiasm to others, frankly accept love. Thanksgiving is not a reality escape, is also a kind of singing way of life, because it comes from a deep love and hope for life. Grateful people must be beautiful, accept the gratitude of the people must be happy.

第四篇: 中国的英语演讲稿三分钟

       It was the last day of Beijing tourism, and we came to the new China Science and technology museum.

  In the hall, the most striking thing is the magic pendulum over the top of the head. It has many white spheres, up and down, left and right swing, from time to time to change a variety of beautiful shapes. Dad said the magic square was designed by a Chinese scientist. Looking at the magic pendulum, I can not help but marvel at the magic of science and technology.

  We took the sightseeing elevator to the two floor. The first thing that comes up to you is three dinosaur fossils. This is Yunnan province donated to the national science and technology museum. Which is the largest museum Street dragon, thirteen meters high, twenty-seven meters long, is the most in asia. Another two smaller dragons, one is a double ridge dragon, one is Lu Feng long. Look at these three huge monster, I seem to see the Jurassic period, the three dinosaur swagger walk.

  Come to the third floor, explore and live exhibition hall, see from ancient times to now, washing machine from scratch, step by step progress process.

  On the four floor, the capsule of Shenzhou 1 is standing in front of us. Return to the cabin as an ancient bell, its body, keep landing when burning, as if to tell us its extraordinary experience.

  I think the science museum is fun, and let me push back the door to scientific knowledge again". My father and mother agreed that next year we will come!

第五篇: 中国的英语演讲稿三分钟

    modernization will bring a number of benefits to the chinese people. advances in science and technology will resnlt in better industrial and consumer products. new roads, tracks and trains will improve transportation for both people and goods. with new health care methods people will live happier and longer.

  however, modernization also gives rise to a number of new problems. pollution of the air, land, and water has become a serious problem in many parts of china. an increase in vehicles on the roads has also caused more traffic accidents with more injuries and deaths.

  we can, however, deal with these problems if we are careful. we can train many environmental scientists who can help factories operate cleanly. we can pass new laws to regulate our traffic more safely. finally, we must improve cur education system to prepare better educated people for tomorrow.

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